Facts about the General Law systems

General Laws are a system of rules and policies that are given by some of the biggest law governing bodies. These laws can be formulated by individuals or a group of people too. Laws enforced by the governing bodies are meant to be followed by all the citizens of the country. As per russell and hill These laws play a great role shaping the political, economic, historical and social angles of a country in a great manner.

  • Legal Institutions:imagesgv-300x168

There are legal institutions that are concerned with the enforcement and the formulation of the legal decision and rules made. The chief institutes of law in the independent countries are the courts, the parliaments, executive offices, military bodies and bureaucratic bodies too. A thorough note about the legal bodies is as follows.

  • Judiciary body:

A judiciary body comprises of a group of judges who work to mediate the issues and to derive the outcomes of the same. In most of the countries, there are special appealing courts, and they are bound to the ultimate authority called Supreme Court. Some countries give chances to the highest authority in the judiciary body to take the decisions. The judiciary is to abide by the constitution like the governmental organizations.

  • Legislative Body:images-300x168

In the sub ordinates houses of the peoples’ representatives, it is the elected members who are the representatives of the smaller bodies. For a bill or law to be passed, it is the job of a majority of the legislation body to agree to it. The legislative body is, therefore, the body that is formed by the members selected by the people themselves. In the case of a country with a well-established constitution, there is a majority of people in the houses who own the powers to change the constitution.

  • Executive Body:

It is the body in the country that happens to be the concurrent point of all the legal proceedings. In India, the body is called the cabinet and comprises of the members of the legislative assembly. The executive body is governed and heads by the superior of the government namely the president of the country. Under some situations, it is a presidential election under which the president is supposed to be the supreme of both the houses and even has the power to discard members from the houses.

  • Military Rule:law-school

In the military bodies and countries with military rules, the rules and laws are formulated and given by the head of the military systems.  The heads of the military bodies have the power to make laws and amend them whenever needed. At times when the government fails, it is the role of the police and the military force to check the situations.

  • Bureaucratic System:

It is similar to the military-controlled government in which the servants of the government are the ones making the law and thus amending it at times. I was initially in France where the bureaucratic system of government was formulated. It was a system that followed the policy flaws by the people to the people and hence it was followed in parts until a long time.

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